5 Holiday Happiness Tips for the Divorcee

Published in West Coast Woman’s Magazine, November 2011 The holidays can be especially difficult for the newly divorced! How do you handle the loneliness, the change in family traditions, and family get togethers? 1. Expand Your Support System As we move through the divorce process, often because of feelings of failure, loss of being a couple, and… Continue Reading

Article from SARASOTA Magazine

Article from SARASOTA Magazine

Published February, 2009 – Sarasota Magazine Zollinger Mediation – The Positive Alternative As tough economic times affect marriages everywhere, the divorce process is changing. Divorces are on the increase, and 95 percent of cases are settled prior to a judge deciding the outcome. yes, the means yours, too, can be resolved without emotional and financial devastation. Professional… Continue Reading

Article from SRQ Magazine #2

Article from SRQ Magazine #2

Published February, 2009 – SRQ Magazine Zollinger Mediation & Divorce Financial Analysis Freya Robbins, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Mediator As a mediator, how do you help couples face the financial realities of divorce ? I start with the couple – together, if possible. I am an advocate for both of them. A separating couple… Continue Reading

Article from SRQ Magazine #1

Article from SRQ Magazine #1

Published February, 2009 – SRQ Magazine as written by Su Byron Freya Robbins, CDFA™, specializes in helping people see clearly. no, she’s not an ophthalmologist! Zollinger is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA™. For the past six years, she has guided divorcing couples through the divorce process and all… Continue Reading

Insurance Considerations Before and During Divorce

One could think that there is not much important to consider about insurance. But then again, there might be much to consider, if you stop and think about how your future might be impacted. Insurance is, after all, insurance. Not to be redundant, but to remind you that it is a protection, just in case,… Continue Reading

Taxes and Divorce

Tax Considerations in Divorce Do you suffer from tax information avoidance? Not many of us enjoy delving into the particulars of taxes, but this knowledge could be helpful to you if you are considering divorce. This article is not meant to take the place of tax advice, so please consult with a trusted CPA. We… Continue Reading

Mothers – The Unsung Heroes of Divorce – Thank You

This subject is near and dear to our heart, especially if we have been raised by our mother in a single parent home. This is not to disrespect or put down the fathers and step-fathers who have been available to their children, as we all know there are many cases of those who have been… Continue Reading

A Father Remembered on this Special Day

Happy Father’s Day Fred! Whether you have biologically fathered children or if you have been a surrogate father for a neighbor or friend, this thank you goes to you from the children whose lives you have changed in a positive way.   In these times of increased divorce, many children have been left with no father… Continue Reading

Using A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

What are the major benefits of using a certified divorce financial analyst in a divorce ? Many people, both divorcing parties and attorneys struggle with where to place a CDFA in the divorce process and how to use them effectively. So here are some pointers: 1. CDFAs are experts in the finances of divorce. By… Continue Reading

Bringing in the New Year

Happy New Year to You! Out With the Old and In with the New!! Are you suffering from Holiday Hangover? Many couples feel that way after the Holidays! The holiday season typically consists of dealing with family issues, in-laws and finances that can strain your marriage. Many divorces can be prevented if couples would stop… Continue Reading

Financial Issues and Divorce

Are Financial Issues in Your Marriage Leading to Divorce? We are often asked what the leading causes of divorce are, as seen from our experience. Although there is no simple answer, issues surrounding control are almost always involved. And control manifests itself most often when money is discussed. We find that many couples do not… Continue Reading

Financial Facts Regarding Divorce

Question: How much should I plan on spending for my divorce? Answer: That is difficult to say without knowing the specifics involved in your divorce. The current rate for a Family Law Attorney is $250-$350 per hour. There are many other costs associated with divorce. For instance a counselor is approximately $100-150 per hour. The… Continue Reading

Anticipating Divorce?

If you have not been affected by it, you are in the minority these days. The figures are staggering of the incidence of divorce in our country, our state and our own community. Over 50% of divorcing couples choose the “do it yourself approach” or pro se (self representing). If you are in the midst… Continue Reading

Divorce, Feast or Famine?

When you think of going through a divorce, do your thoughts take you to a situation that is to the extreme, either feast or famine? If you find yourself on the path of divorce, you have probably heard friends or acquaintances make comments like “Oh, my ex got everything!”, or “I lost everything, the house… Continue Reading

The Hardest Phase of Divorce

Perhaps the most difficult period of divorce is the “separation period.” That is the time between when you decide to get a divorce, and the date when you are actually divorced. During this period there can be so many uncertainties about visitation with children, child support and temporary spousal support that it is easy to… Continue Reading

3 Ways Marriage Mediation Can Help a Relationship

First of all, you may be wondering what marriage mediation is? Most of us have heard of divorce mediation, which is a neutral party that assists a couple in getting a divorce. So, the likely and correct answer is, marriage mediation is a neutral party that assists a couple in making the marriage work. Marriage… Continue Reading

How to Manage Your Family’s Media Concerns

The Digital Dilemma – Tots to Teens…What’s a Parent to Do? Practical & science-based solutions to help manage your family’s media concerns in this technological age. 2 FREE Presentations for Parents & Professionals Monday Sept 26th, 2011 Hyatt Regency 1000 Blvd of the Arts Sarasota, Florida Children Birth-11 Yrs 5:30-7:00 pm Children 12-18 Yrs 7:30-9:00… Continue Reading

Creating Your Own Destiny

Often times when faced with divorce, we think we have lost control, but in fact, we have the opportunity to create a new healthier future.  If we get honest with ourselves, usually, even the person that doesn’t want the divorce, is not totally happy in the relationship.   Once we come to grips with this, we are… Continue Reading

Financial Q&A

Freya’s Financial Facts Regarding Divorce West Coast Woman Published December 2006 Question’s & Answers Question: I received an inheritance and was told by my investment advisor that I must put that money into a joint account with my spouse. We are now considering a divorce. What will happen to that money? Answer: If you receive… Continue Reading

Home Equity Credit

Freya’s Financial Facts Regarding Divorce  West Coast Woman Published November 2006 Close That Home Equity Line of Credit NOW! Many couples fall into the trap that banks unintentionally set when they arrange a home equity line of credit on their new home at the time of purchase. It all sounds very logical: open the line… Continue Reading

Divorce Mediation Q&A

Freya’s Financial Facts Regarding Divorce West Coast Woman Published October 2006 Questions & Answers About Divorce Question: My husband says it is over between us. He went to an attorney today. What should I do? Answer: Keep breathing. It can be an emotional event if you are faced with the reality of a divorce, but… Continue Reading

The Dirty Word of Divorce

Freya’s Financial Facts Regarding Divorce West Coast Woman Published September, 2006 The Dirty Word of Divorce If you have not been affected by it, you are in the minority these days. The figures are staggering of the incidence of divorce in our country, our state and our own community. Over 50% of divorcing couples choose… Continue Reading

Property Settlement And Alimony In Divorce

It is very easy for divorcing parties to get confused about the treatment of property division and alimony as separate issues in divorce. Divorce settlement is a 3 step process in Florida. Step 1, is division of assets. It is important to note that this is completely separate from alimony. Often we will hear from… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Financial Future in Relationships

Are you ready to tie the knot? Are you involved in a relationship with someone new and you are wondering about your financial future and how the possibility of being a couple would affect that? It is important that the two of you discuss all aspects of your relationship as it gets more serious. Let’s… Continue Reading

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